Online Course Overview

Welcome to the NV ECE Online Course! This course consists of 4 individual modules designed to lay the foundations for center-based instructional leadership. This course can be taken as a pre-requisite to the in-person Leadership Series, or as a stand-alone training series.

See below for an overview of the full course. All modules are Registry-approved for one hour of training credit (4 hours total).

If you have any trouble with the online courses or the completion certificates, please reach out to for support.

  1. Foundations of Instructional Leadership (1 hour)
  • Identify components of instructional leadership
  • Analyze how task prioritization supports Instructional Leadership
  • Practice task prioritization and time management techniques
  1. Setting an Instructional Vision for Your Center (1 hour)
  • Identify key components of excellent instruction
  • Connect Vision of Excellent Instruction to center success
  • Develop a Vision of Excellence
  • Implement a Vision of Excellence
  1. Putting Standards at the Center of Instruction (1 hour)
  • Identify how standards are part of instructional leadership
  • Understand how to use the guideline and standards documents
  • Connect guidelines and standards to child outcomes
  • Evaluate and support instructions for standards alignment
  • Set expectations for teachers for using standards
  1. Meaningful Assessment in a Birth-Five Setting (1 hour)
  • Understand how assessments support strong outcomes for children
  • Identify types and purposes of various assessments
  • Set clear expectations for how to use assessments
  • Support teachers in planning for and using assessment best practices