Leadership and Literacy Session 6: Putting It All Together

Leadership and Literacy Session 6: Putting It All Together

The sixth and final installment of the Leadership Series, Planning to Continue Teacher and Leader Development, is designed for leaders to grow their skill in identifying next steps and developing specific plans for teacher development following coaching conversations. Leaders learn how to provide teachers with a model of a target skill, plan off-stage practice opportunities for their teachers, and provide feedback on rounds of teacher practice. Leaders also plan for how to ensure they continue to utilize the skills that they have developed over the course of the full Leadership Series training series. There is no teacher-facing content for this session. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Leader-Specific Resources:

Session 6 Master PowerPoint

Session 6 Master Handouts

Leadership Session 1: Analyzing Classroom Observation Data

Leadership Session 2: Strategic Next Steps and Follow-Up

Leadership Session 3: Developing Teachers by Putting It All Together

Coaching Conversation Planning Template

Note: There are no Tools for Teacher Training for Session 6