Math Session 4: Problem Solving and Reasoning

Math Session 4: Problem Solving and Reasoning

The fourth installment of the Nevada ECE Math Series, Problem Solving and Reasoning, is designed for leaders to grow their skill in understanding and using foundational concepts of problem solving and reasoning in their centers, including how these concepts are effectively integrated through measurement and geometry. Leaders and teachers can learn how to utilize best practices in problem solving and reasoning instruction, and plan and practice for how to use those instructional practices in the classroom. Leaders also practice observing for strong problem solving and reasoning instruction, especially when it is integrated with math talk and number sense, and rating teacher performance in a math lesson. Leaders plan and practice providing math-specific feedback to a teacher.

Leader-Specific Resources

Math Session 4 Master PowerPoint

Math Session 4 Master Handouts

Leadership Session: Observation and Feedback for Problem Solving

Before and After Observation Form: Problem Solving

Tools for Teacher Training

Teacher Session: Problem Solving and Reasoning

Handouts for Teachers: Problem Solving and Reasoning

Shapes for Problem Solving Activity

Table Directions for Problem Solving Activity